Tianjin Normal University The Fourth International Elites’ Forum


A sincere invitation to talents from all over the world to join us

An introduction to the forum

In accordance with the national strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region's coordinated development, Tianjin Normal University embraces and adheres to Tianjin Municipal Committee of the CPC and Tianjin Municipal Government’s talent concept of “immense capacity of sea to receive thousands of rivers and great willingness of city to pool all kinds of talents”. By implementing “Haihe Talents” Action Plan, moving forward with the strategy of “Strengthening University with Talents” and following the principle of developing “An Insight for Discovering Talents, Sincerity for Cherishing Talents, a High-degree of Tolerance for Talents, Courage for Utilizing Talents, and Effective Measures for Assembling Talents”, Tianjin Normal University will hold the Fourth International Elites’ Forum from 27th to 30th December, 2019. The Forum is intended to set up a platform of academic exchanges for excellent talents at home and abroad, focusing on academic frontiers and research hotspots. Through symposia, seminars and conferences, it will help talents to learn more about the university and the city of Tianjin, promote cross-disciplinary study and collaborative innovation, and quicken our step in “Double First-Class” University Development.

Disciplinary fields

1. Psychology

Psychology and related areas, medical image processing, cognitive neuroscience, bioinformatics (or human genomics) and experimental psychology, etc.

ag体育官网Contact Person: Mr. Yang Tel: 022-23766140

ag体育官网2. Political Sciences

ag体育官网Political theory, comparative politics, international politics, the history and construction of the CPC, governance and public policy, etc.

ag体育官网Contact Person: Ms. Hou Tel: 022-23766329

ag体育官网3. World History

Economic and social history of Europe, French history, German history, the late medieval and early modern history of Europe, and the history of European civilization, etc.

ag体育官网Contact Person: Ms. Yan Tel: 022-23766060

4. Marxist Theory

Marxist theory, politics and philosophy, etc.

Contact Person: Mr. Yun Tel: 022-23766131

5. Education

ag体育官网Fundamental principles of education, curriculum and teaching theory, preschool education, and comparative education, etc.

Contact Person: Mr. Wang Tel: 022-23766040

ag体育官网6. Chinese Language and Literature

ag体育官网Comparative and world literature, linguistics and applied linguistics (including experimental phonetics), etc.

Contact Person: Ms. Wu Tel: 022-23766062

7. Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry and chemical biology, etc.

Contact Person: Ms. Wei Tel: 022-23766515

8. Physics

ag体育官网Physics and related areas, materials science and engineering (including energy-related studies), and astrophysics, etc.

Contact Person: Mr. Wang Tel: 022-23766503

9. Geography

Geography and related areas, earth sciences and environmental sciences, etc.

ag体育官网Contact Person: Mr. Dong Tel: 022-23766028

10. Biology

Cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, genetics, zoology, hydrobiology and ecology, etc.

ag体育官网Contact Person: Mr. Liu Tel: 022-23766539

11. Other disciplines

ag体育官网Journalism and communication, foreign languages and literature, Chinese history, law, mathematics, library and archives management, theoretical economics, information and telecommunication engineering, and cross-disciplinary subjects related to the above.

ag体育官网Contact Person: Ms. Ge Tel: 022-23766263

Application requirements

Applicants should:

ag体育官网1. have both ability and moral integrity, rigorous academic spirit, and compliance with law and code of professional ethics;

2. be PhD degree holders; below the age of 45 (or 40 for science and engineering disciplines); Those qualified (or almost qualified) to apply for national and provincial level talent titles are preferred (age limit can be relaxed)

ag体育官网3. have outstanding academic achievements, profound academic insight, strong sense of innovation and great team-work competence.

4. be willing to become a full-time staff member of Tianjin Normal University or conduct research program in collaboration with Tianjin Normal University.

Forum program

ag体育官网Deadline of application: 30th November, 2019

Deadline of invitation: 10th December, 2019


ag体育官网27th December Registration and travel reimbursement

28th December Morning: opening ceremony

ag体育官网Afternoon: seminars, observation in laboratories, campus tour

29th December Morning: symposium, applicants’ question and answer session,

ag体育官网Afternoon: tour of living and working environments

30th December Closing session

Additional information

The university will cover the cost of a return ticket for those invited to attend the Forum, as well as providing accommodation, food and local airport and railway station transfers during their visit.

Application procedure

ag体育官网Qualified applicants please scan the QR code or open the link below, fill in relevant information and upload required materials. The deadline of application is 30th November, 2019.

ag体育官网Contact information:

ag体育官网Ms. Ge (Personnel Office)

Organizing Group of Tianjin Normal University International Elites’ Forum

ag体育官网Tel: 022-23766263 (Personnel Office)


Packages and Benefits

Support Provided by the Tianjin Municipal Government

ag体育官网A. Regulations related to the funding of the introduction of top-level talents:

1. This funding is targeted at: winners of major international awards in science and technology such as the Nobel Prizes (in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine), the Crafoord Prize, the Wolf Prizes, the Tyler Prize, the Fields Medal, the Vetlesen Prize, the Lasker Awards, and the A. M. Turing Award; academicians from China and developed countries; or members of international academic authorities.

2. Those coming to Tianjin to preside over key research and innovative projects at municipal level or higher will be contracted to work for at least three years; will work for at least two months in Tianjin every year; and will hold a type A green card for talents in Tianjin. Foreigners will also hold a Type A work permit for foreign experts.

3. Top-level personnel who work in Tianjin for longer than six months will be granted a lump sum of 10,000,000 RMB as research funding and 2,000,000 RMB as a cost of living supplement; those who work in Tianjin for between two to six months will be granted a lump sum of 5,000,000 RMB as research funding and 1,000,000 RMB as a cost of living supplement.

ag体育官网B. Regulations related to the funding of the recruitment of leading academics:

ag体育官网1. The funding is mainly targeted at full-time recruits who meet at least one of the following requirements:

a. National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars recipient, Chang Jiang Scholars: Distinguished Professor

ag体育官网b. Young and mid-career experts who have made nationally-recognized special contributions, National Ten Thousand Talents Program, National New Century Talents, China Academy of Science Hundred Talents Program, leaders of Innovative Research Team Programs supported by the Ministry of Education;

ag体育官网c. Winners of National Science and Technology Awards (top 3) or a first prize in the science and technology awards at the provincial or municipal levels (first place);

ag体育官网d. Professors and research fellows appointed by universities or research institutes in Tianjin;

2. Leading talents who meet the requirements of section 1. a. (above) will receive a lump sum of 2,000,000 RMB as a cost of living subsidy; those who meet the requirements of sections 1. b., c., or d. (above) will receive 1,000,000 RMB as a cost of living subsidy.

C.Regulations related to the funding of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from China and overseas:

ag体育官网1. This funding is mainly targeted at applicants under the age of 40 who have signed a contract for at least three years, and who either: began working in Tianjin within two years of obtaining their PhD; began working in Tianjin within one year of completing postdoctoral research; or are currently full-time postdoctoral researchers recruited by the centre to which they are attached.

ag体育官网Those who have completed a full-time PhD and began working in Tianjin within two years of graduating will receive an annual 50,000 RMB cost of living subsidy for three consecutive years. Those who began working in Tianjin within one year of completing a full-time postdoctoral research program will receive a lump sum of 200,000 RMB as a cost of living subsidy. Those who are currently postdoctoral researchers recruited by their centre in Tianjin will receive a lump sum of 50,000 RMB as a cost of living subsidy.

Introduction to Tianjin Normal University

Tianjin Normal University (TNU)‒founded in 1958, originally named Tianjin Teachers’ College and renamed Tianjin Normal University in 1982‒is a municipal key university in Tianjin. In 1999, Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin Junior College of Teacher Education and Tianjin Institute of Education merged into the existing university. Currently, Tianjin Normal University covers an area of 2, 333,000 square meters, with a built area of 860,000 square meters. In 2005, the new campus in Xiqing District, Tianjin was put into use. The university environment has been radically improved and a solid foundation has been laid for the future development.

At present, Tianjin Normal University has 2 academic divisions, 20 colleges, 70 majors for undergraduate, 8 primary disciplines which confer doctoral degrees, 1 doctoral degree program in education, 35 primary disciplines which confer master degrees, 16 master degree programs, covering ten disciplines such as Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Management and Art. Currently, the university has 29,483 full-time students (including undergraduate students, postgraduate students and doctorate students), 2,150 international students and 2,423 staff members. Among the faculty are one convener and two members of the 7th discipline evaluation group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council; one chairman and two members of the National Professional Degree Education Supervisory Committee; one vice chairman and twelve members of the Higher Education Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education; one vice chairman of Higher Education Advisory Board for Primary School Teachers’ Training under the Ministry of Education; one member of Higher Education Advisory Board for Middle School Teachers’ Training under the Ministry of Education; one member of the 4th National Committee of Experts on Curriculum Resources of Teacher Education. The university is home to two nationally recognized key disciplines, seven leading subject areas at municipal level, eighteen provincially recognized key disciplines, and fifteen specialist disciplines. Chemistry remains the top 1% in the ESI global ranking for six consecutive years. Marxism College in Tianjin Normal University has been selected as the nationally recognized key Marxism College. In the 4th round discipline evaluation of the Ministry of Education, the university’s four disciplines‒Politics, Marxist Theory, Psychology and World History‒and Specialized Academic Degree for the Master of Education have been classified as B+; Education, Chinese Language and Literature have been classified as B.

ag体育官网In recent years we have been striving to develop our teaching team, seeking to enhance and expand it by establishing a new recruitment program and creating new policies to look after our existing teachers. Particular efforts have been made to develop the subject areas for which the university is especially renowned; attracting leaders in their fields at home and abroad has become a top priority. In addition, more and more support is being given to talented staff members, and we wish to assist young and mid-career teachers to be able to devote a greater amount of time to their research. Taking advantage of our status as a comprehensive university, we are encouraging inter-disciplinary collaboration, and we help our faculty to visit the world’s leading academic institutions to participate in and learn from the most advanced research, and promote their international vision and academic outlook. Through a series of policies and measures, we have implemented, in an orderly fashion, a focused and effective system of staff recruitment and development. At present, more than 400 faculty members are recipients of national and municipal talent awards, including academicians, Chang Jiang scholars, leading academics in philosophy and the social sciences of the National Ten Thousand Talents Program, New Century Talents at national level, principal project leaders of major nationally-funded social sciences projects, and Tianjin Distinguished Professors.

We live up to the university motto of “vigor and rigor, self-perfection and talent-cultivation”, fulfill the university spirit of “being honest, trustworthy and responsible”, and develop the academic atmosphere of “equal stress on learning and thinking, strong unity of knowing and doing”. We focus on the basic task of “strengthening morality” and persist with the strategy of “making the university known for characteristics, prosperous by quality, powerful with talents and creative through innovations”. We do our utmost to establish first-class “teaching quality, research capacity, talent level, discipline competency and management efficiency”, and develop our university into a first-class comprehensive university with characteristics of teachers’ education in China.

Therefore, we warmly welcome you to join us and allow us to help you reach your full potential!


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